Hmmm…. where did I put those earings???

I don’t know how many times I have misplaced my keys, an important document, a jacket, and I can’t forget the “earings”. No doubt, my most common search is for a pair of earings. I have a jewelry box, it’s just that most of the time the earings never make it to their designated home. It seems like it takes forever to find them and yes of course they are always in the last place I look. It is so frustrating, I have been doing these searches for years and they bring on such unnecessary stress. The funny thing is, as soon as I find the item it comes to my remembrance how and why that Item was placed there. In most cases I was in a hurry, my hands were full or a needed to clear a space on the counter. The truth be told sometimes I’m just a slacker, and feeling tired and lazy. I know I need to change and I know I should change. In fact I know the solution to the problem and yet I never find myself implementing change. Crazy right!

I starting thinking about my earings this morning after teaching my bible class. As I was teaching, I was reflecting on the precious gift of salvation, and what a treasure Jesus is. As I was pondering, these words came out of my mouth. “When you are given a gift, if you keep your eye on that gift and never let it out of your sight, you won’t lose it. If you treasure it and hold it close to your heart, you won’t risk becoming separated from it. We must keep Jesus at the center, as the focal point of our lives. If we treasure Him as the precious gift He is, we will never risk losing Him or being separated from His presence.” I had to pause for a moment, and I repeated what I said, not for the students, but for me. The Lord began to minister to me and reminded me of the scripture verse “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21

Today the Lord ministered to me, that sometimes I treat Him similar to my earings. I don’t care for them like I should and I am not alway mindful of where a lay them down. Ouch! did that ever hurt. I began to recognize that I don’t always care for my relationship with Jesus like I should. There are times I have neglected it, simply because I’m tired. I also thought about the times I have been distracted by other things and as a result, I found myself not sensing His presence and asking myself the question “where is God, is He there?”. Oh my, that sure sounds a lot like the title of this post. I know he promised He would never leave or forsake me, but the fact is we can distance ourselves from Him by allowing things to distract us, which may eventually lead to His displacement.

There is something to be said for organization. I think there is a natural peace that comes when everything is in its proper place. I know I need more peace in my life and obviously we need more peace in this world. I admit organization is not one of the qualities I possess. Today the Lord challenged me to “organize my spiritual house” and make sure I keep Him in his proper place. Lot’s of lessons learned today, some spiritual and some practical. Time for me to grow! Maybe just maybe, next sunday morning I wont be searching high and low and asking myself “hmmm….where did I put those earings?”.

God bless!