Thankful For Friends!

For years I was haunted by the mistakes and memories of the past. I was in bondage to shame, addiction and depression. I had reached a point of great desperation and hopelessness. The fact is, it didn’t matter that I had been serving in the ministry over 20 years, that I was a Pastor’s wife and worship leader. I was in the battle of my life and I was struggling everyday just to survive. For years I had been hiding behind the “Sunday smile, everything is okay mask”. The pressures of life and ministry had finally taken a toll on my emotions, body and relationships.
At times I felt like I was all alone and holding on by a thread. I was overwhelmed with sickness and depression. I was weak in body and depleted of faith, just trying to continue on. I had reached a point of such depression that I was ready to be done with life. As I laid there on my bed contemplating, my phone rang and it was a fellow coworker and spiritual mentor who knew I had been struggling. She had a burden on her heart and felt something was wrong. That day the Lord used her in an amazing way. Thank the Lord she listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
I truly believe that the Lord places certain people in our path that will be a strength, encouragement and help to us in times of struggle and need. People we can just be ourselves around, that we can be real and open with. I am so thankful for those friends of faith that God has placed in my life. Now my prayer is that I too will be that “friend of faith” who is a help in the time of need.
I will never be the same again, and have been forever changed by HIS GRACE and the faith of a few close friends!


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